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Best Books 2021

“Fisno y Pelucho. Un tesoro en la basura” (“Fisno and Pelucho. Treasure in the Trash”) has been selected by the OEPLI (the Spanish division of IBBY) as one of the best books in 2021. I’d like to share my joy with you, and to thank again my wonderful illustrator, Susana Soto, and my Publishers: Loqueleo […]

Children's Books

A Potty For Every Animal

A video about “Cada animal con su orinal” (= A Potty for Every Animal), for those of you who are thinking about potty-training this summer. You can click here. Understanding, humor and lots of love! VPS From the same collection (Grandes pasitos -Big Steps): “El libro dejachupetes” (to say bye to the pacifier), “La hora

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