El caballo de Lord Byron

El caballo de Lord Byron

(Siruela, Las Tres Edades, 2018)

From inside his lamp, a powerful genie tells us this story where real life and magic coincide.

Marco is fascinated by the owner of the palace where his parents work: Lord Byron, a poet who travels with an assortment of exotic animals: monkeys, foxes, birds... He is overjoyed when Lord Byron tells him that his daughter Allegra will be spending the summer there. Now Marco won’t be so bored by all the adults in the palace!

During a luminous and unforgettable summer, Marco will show Allegra the secret passages of the palace; together they will search for treasures and be amazed by all the extraordinary objects that the poet keeps in trunks and boxes. But adventures sometimes also bring misfortune, and it turns out that the greatest of treasures is almost always within our reach… you just have to know how to find it.

Published in Spain

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