Duendes del dulce hogar

Duendes del dulce hogar

(Molino, 2022)

In a house just like yours, live some very special elves.

Mr. Higgs lives alone... or so he thinks. In reality, some friendly elves share his home, in secret! And they fill this house with sweets without him noticing.

Baby Chocopete leaves chocolates wherever she goes, Azu Kiki makes cotton candy even when she dreams, and the playful Plash and Krystal produce delicious creams and candy glass. It's the elves from Sweet Home!

But things start to get complicated with the arrival of a mischievous elf, a guest with a dangerous pet and... a band-aid thief?

With these funny elves, the little ones will have a good time and discover: 

*The value of friendship and teamwork.
*They will begin independent reading with a very accessible text filled with humor.
*They will develop their imagination and creativity with the help of a universe and characters filled with magic.

 Published in Spain.

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