Deseos de nunca acabar

Deseos de nunca acabar

(Lumen, 2017)

"Ask me for anything you'd like.

I am the candle's blue flame,
the unexpected sight of a shooting star,
The deceptive brilliance of that fountain
into which you will throw a coin.

Do you hear the music?
You have arrived at the crossroads
of hope and magic.

Come closer, take a step,
make a wish
and as you blow, you will see how you rise,
spark of light,
amidst all your dreams"

We all want something: happiness, love, wisdom, eternal youth, the taboo, power...

This book delves into the depths of us and covers the world of human desires in a poetic, intelligent and beautiful way.

Short stories, poems, superstitions and legends reinvented with humor, theatrical dialogues... All accompanied by the spectacular illustrations by Fernando Vicente.

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