¡A contar!

¡A contar!

Matemáticas para pensar +3

(Santillana, 2017)


Stories and rhymes
to enjoy the magic of literature
and at the same time discover
the wonderful world of mathematics.

1. Animal hide and seek.
2. I think I'm a witch.
3. Oh, the things my Grandma does!
4. The dragon's birthday.
5. Mouse bread.
6. There are fifteen cats in my house.
7. The magic tree.
8. Dog's fruit stand.

When a dragon turns four years old,
various special things happen.
Among them, now that they can breathe fire through their nose.
Will little Yuki be able to light the candles on his birthday cake

How do mice bakers defend themselves
when a cat enters their store and asks for...
bread stuffed with mouse?

The girl who made disgusting potions
that would mysteriously turn into marmelade...
Was she truly a witch?

These stories and more,
with the beatiful illustrations of
Anuska Allepuz, Ayesha L. Rubio, Betania Zacarías,
Carmen Saldaña, Jacobo Muñiz and Mar Ferrero.

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